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Wanna live or study abroad?

Are you frustrated when you see photos of people studying overseas or living abroad happily, and wish you could do the same? It’s actually possible. I moved to Germany for a FREE Masters Degree and got my job without any prior preparation at all.

I dreamt of living abroad since I was a kid...

  • I could not afford to study in the UK, USA or Canada.
  • I tried working in big corporations in hope of opportunity overseas.
  • I applied for jobs overseas.
… but nothing happened, until I discovered that studying for a Masters Degree in Germany was completely free, even though I am a non-EU citizen. The course is taught in English too!

Sounds good but, What if

  • I ran out of money before I finish studying?
  • I could not find a job because I could not speak the local language – German?
  • I felt lonely and had no friends?
  • I had to give up everything I already had in Hong Kong before moving abroad?
  • I failed? Does returning to Hong Kong make me a loser?

Now or Never : I moved to Germany without any preparation

I believe that life will always finds a way. Try and fail, but never fail to try!

That was it. 2 weeks later, I moved to Germany without ANY preparation at all.

Facing the reality

Student life was truely awesome! However, I faced many challenges as I did not prepare.

  • Used up all my savings
  • Master thesis got rejected, so I had to start over again for another 6 months
  • Job applications were rejected

Reshaping my identity

What work for the local Germans do not work for me, and vice versa

I can never act like 100% German because I am not, and that’s okay. To truly contribute, we must show our true colors and be unique. Once I realized this, I completely changed my strategy.

Opportunity vs obstacle

I do EXACTLY what most of my German friends would NEVER do, and it WORKS!

  • My thesis is published in a journal despite the initial rejection.
  • I got the job offer every though the company once rejected my application.

Rejection does not mean a dead end!

Living the German Dream

Let me help you

Being unique makes you precious, and being obedient makes you unemployed
Chris Pyak
Author of "How to win jobs & influence Germans"

Are you intrigued to know how you can also live in Germany, and study for free? Maybe you are already in Germany but you are struggling to find a job, settling in or feeling lonely? Would like to integrate better with Germans? Honestly, I am not a native English speaker, and yet I have managed to make so many German and European friends, and received a job offer as a project manager which requires excellent communication skills. So what makes you think you cannot do what I have done? 

I have been blessed to discover a new approach to make it work in Germany despite all the challenges. Now  I would love to listen to your story, struggle, and difficulties, and offer you guidance to fulfill your dream to live abroad! Imagine how you would feel this time next year, that nothing has changed, you are still stuck at the same place, regretting that you have not taken the step to make it happen? Do not forget that, life only gets harder as we age!

You succeed because you are a foreigner, not despite of it.

  • how to improve your chance of finding a job if you speak little German?
  • How to convince companies to give you a second chance after being rejected?
  • How to get ahead of ANYONE and start preparing to land your dream job even when you are still a student in Germany?
  • How to improve your chance to get scholarship?
  • How to better support yourself financially during the study?
  • How to shorten your duration of study by writing a thesis while working full time?
  • How to use your thesis to help secure your job offer after graduation?
  • How to win friends and gain trust in order to have a better social circle?
  • How to make friends as a foreigner when you know nobody in a new city?
  • How to make use of your broken German to get what you want?

Public Speaking

I am an experienced motivational speaker who has delivered several speeches in various places such as NomadCruise and NomadCity. I was invited to deliver speeches to help students find jobs in Germany.

Online video course

Feel free to check my laetst Udemy course here


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